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James Porter

Eleven Circles was set up in June 2016 to provide freelance marketing services to business customers.


It’s led by me, James Porter - and provides organisations with an additional marketing resource for getting things done, without having to employ new people.


I’ve worked for over 25 years in the information, communication, technology and leisure sectors, principally in marketing and business development. The skills and techniques learned over the years, from the resources available to me as part of a blue chip company, now enable me to deliver those same services to smaller organisations.

An Insights Discovery profile evaluator was completed by me in Feb 2016. This is a summary of what it said:


James is an innovator, always aware of new possibilities and different ways of doing things. He tends to enjoy the company of like-minded people. James has high energy and is always striking out in a forward direction. He follows his impulses, moving strongly towards his goal.


Eager to add to his knowledge, James is passionate about researching significant new subjects that capture his interest. Organisation and independence characterise his behaviour. With contagious enthusiasm and a world full of possibilities.


He is strong on initiative and creativity. James likes to make things happen and drive everything around him. He enjoys work that allows him to get his teeth into new projects. James is a resourceful, action-oriented person who lives for the future by making every moment count. James conveys a fast pace and above all, enjoys a challenge. James enjoys work that provides variety as he is quick and resourceful and can turn his attention to many things.



Get in touch: / 07802 244262 / or via the Contact tab.


I've over 25 years marketing and business development experience in blue-chip companies.



GL17 0LP

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