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7 seconds … are you kidding me?

How often are you been disappointed the moment a candidate walks in the door?

That's because it takes around 7 seconds to assess people, and we know very quickly if we like someone or not.

It’s an unconscious thing and we don't even realise it’s happening, it’s in our primitive roots and DNA - when we made snap decisions of fight or flight.

So, if we know within 7 seconds that a person isn’t right for a role, how much time and money is wasted on pointless interviews?

And more importantly - why are we inviting weak candidates to face to face interviews in the first place?

Using one-way video to screen people means you'll never interview a 'dud' candidate again.

With Dynamic Hire, you invite promising applicants to record a short, one-way video interview in their own time using their smartphone or laptop - a bit like taking a selfie.

You review the videos and then ONLY the best ones to a face to face interview. So put your instincts to good use and start finding the best people more quickly.

Check out our a great launch offer and watch our video about how Dynamic Hire works with Job Board recruitment.

Click here for more information.

Written and created for Dynamic Hire

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