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Image by Mark Asthoff


Opinion, thought leadership, market knowledge, and awareness are all important attributes to building your brand. And showcasing them through a Blog is a great way to get your message across. 


Each blog URL can then be used across the various social media platforms, building awareness of your brand and the services you offer.


The difficulty comes in sustaining a blog output of credible opinion. So often organisations have bursts of activity - and then nothing for months.


Blogs are less impactful if they're always written by, or attributed to, the same person. It makes you wonder if anyone else has an opinion.


I can write your blogs for you by polling ideas and opinions from across your team.


The ghostwritten blogs can then be attributed to the people who expressed that idea or opinion in the first place. If you run dry of ideas, don't worry - I won't! 


Typically two blog posts a month are ideal to maintain credibility. More than that and you risk losing valuable ideas and content in the noise.


And don't let your blog run dry for months - it looks like you don't care or you've taken your eye off the ball!

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