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Organisations are using video more and more to communicate with customers.


It's important to let customers know why they should choose you ahead of the competition, and a short video is a great way to do this.

A “What we do" or  "Why choose us?” video gives you the chance to speak directly to customers, increasing the likelihood of winning the business. 


A case study video is all the more powerful when it's the customer saying good things about you. Do you have a customer who would do this?


People are more willing to watch a 2-minute video than wade through loads of written content, and of course, videos need to be short, well scripted and delivered in a relaxed and compelling way.


I’ve created lots of business videos and coached people through their delivery, and I work with an industry-acclaimed cinematographer and editor.




Animations are a perfect way to explain concepts and propositions.


They can be anything from hand-drawn graphics that tell a story through to powerful pitches with on-screen graphics and images.


They’re ideal for websites, events, and customer presentations.


Explainer video animations are a simple way to get your message across – they'll make you stand out from the crowd.

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