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  • Copywriter - James Porter

Not all help-desks are the same – pure Genius

Wow, it looks like you're having a bad day.

Yep - I'm trying to figure out how this new system works!

The world of IT talks constantly of great customer service and support - of course it's always a part of the deal, it comes built in to the package, there's no need to worry, our team will support you when there's a problem.

Oh really? So why is it you can usually spot people who're struggling with IT by their 'down in the dumps' body language, and near breaking point comments, like: "how are we supposed to know what to do?" and "can I get some help or training on this?" They may have hit the cold frontier of ticketed systems and reference numbers, and the dreaded "I'm afraid 2nd line support will need to call you back". Of course it's not always the IT team's fault either, they're usually providing support for everyone across a wide range of services and applications - they can't be experts in everything.

The whole point of Sei Mani is to create a world where these situations are a thing of the past. And because training, support and guidance requires greatCollaboration, we use our expert experience in all these areas to practice what we preach. There's no ticketing system and we don't ask you to log the issue before we help you, so there are no barriers to you working with us - straightaway.

For all business and social collaboration projects we provide our outstanding "Genius Desk" support to end users. We ensure the way people can contact the Genius Desk is linked to the way they already work, and for a period of time, we embed ourselves in the fabric of the organisation. Users contact us in the way that suits them, via email, IM, the collaboration service itself or by phone - whatever's easiest.

Our practitioners can be available on-site or remotely, and two or three of us can typically support several thousand users. People communicate and interact with us immediately, wasting no time and with no loss in productivity. Our practitioners don't bite either - they've been chosen for their empathy, human skills and an ability to deal with all levels of seniority and technical experience. We all know that when you talk to an expert, they usually assume you know almost as much as they do - when in reality you're not even on the first page of the beginners guide. Our Genius team adapt their approach each time, ensuring employees are respected and comfortable with the conversation and interaction.

A scheduled training session will put users on the right road, but there's only so much new information people can absorb. We've found that when expert help is just a call away, employees dive into new systems and reach out to us without delay, whenever support is needed. Usually a session with the Genius Desk will lead to an impromptu 'WebEx' screen share session, and people come back time and again as they learn more about what they can do. That's why the projects we work on are very successful, employee engagement is high, business productivity increases, and most importantly the anticipated return on investment is realised - keeping the Board happy.

We're proud of the plaudits and testimonials we receive from people we've helped. Here's just one example from an Astra Zeneca employee in Hawaii, commenting on the help we gave her with Chatter: "Your responsiveness, your technical expertise, and your customer service excellence is outstanding! I wish our entire AZ Tech Support was as efficient and effective as you! Well done!! Much Mahalos!! (Thanks a lot!!) "

There's the do-it-yourself way, and the Sei Mani way - and they're a million miles apart.

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