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  • Copywriter - James Porter

Another word for adoption is embrace.  We don’t train, we embrace.

Talk of development and training doesn’t usually bring out the best memories or emotions in people.

Their reactions tell a story and you often hear them say things like: “I’ve got to attend this bloody training course. I need it like a hole in the head.” It’s a vicious circle, low levels of professional development usually lead to low morale, but just offering random training doesn’t doesn’t fix it either.

The subject matter and content are huge factors, and if the employee believes there’s value to be gained, you’re half way there. From that point on, it’s about delivery and engagement – and we all know that the most interesting of subjects can be made boring if they’re presented in a dull and uninspiring way.

A well planned, compelling coaching and learning session will always balance the needs of the attendees with their time constraints and attention span. And at Sei Mani, we’re building a reputation for brilliantly conceived and delivered adoption programmes around our core subject of digital collaboration. Formal sessions are usually held in virtual online rooms, on video conferencing tools, where the engagement and the needs of the attendees are the main focus.

Inspiring people to greater collaboration encourages them to invest more of their time in learning and development – which helps them become more productive. And all this comes together through our Genius Desk – a nerve centre and hub for the service we provide to customers. It’s a ‘go to’ place, where people find out more about collaboration, and where they get specific help and guidance relating to their role, their needs to receive a customised ‘intervention’ .

We’ve discovered that value creation is the point of collaboration, not the act or tool of collaboration itself. So we have a conversation with people about their collaboration pains, their responsibilities, and work style. We create a desire in them to learn more about what they can do to save time, promote themselves, share knowledge and create value through the use of collaboration technologies. In other words, knowing when and what button to press, is not nearly as important as having a reason to do so.

And because our sessions lead to an improved working life, through a deeper understanding of collaboration technologies, we’re changing the way our customers think about training and development in other areas of their business. One of our customers insisted we’d only get 30 mins from their people for coaching sessions when the average length of time ended up being over 60 minutes, which they described as a miracle!

We ask people to score us after every coaching session so we can measure ourselves and adapt if necessary and to demonstrate our commitment to transparent open communications with our customers. Here are some of the things people are saying about our people and services:

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