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  • Copywriter - James Porter

Stop wading through candidate MUD!

The 80:20 rule can be applied to most things, and recruitment is no exception.

Typically 80% of applicants are either unsuitable or not really interested in the job, and around 20% genuinely want the job - and are a good match?

But with CVs and personal profiles pre-loaded on Job Boards, it's very easy to apply for a job with a single click, creating a mountain of uncommitted applicants for recruiters to deal with.

So, wouldn’t it be great if we could get the unsuitable 80% of applicants to automatically self-identify and eliminate themselves, whilst the serious 20% continue to provide you with further evidence of their capabilities.

Well now you can, and here’s how …

24 hours after applying for the job, your candidates automatically receive an email inviting them to take a one-way video interview (that you’ve created, with a few insightful screening questions appropriate to the role).

From that email, candidates securely click through to your Dynamic Hire account and record their interviews using a smartphone or laptop - a bit like taking a selfie. And here's the cool thing ... the people who really want the job will take the time to record an interview.

They’ll appreciate the chance to show you what they have to offer.

The ‘not bothered’ applicants are unlikely to do the video interview, as they didn't really want the job anyway.

And the result … you now have a ‘ready to go’ pool of serious candidates who’ve recorded a screening interview, enabling you to invite the very best ones to a face to face interview.

Furthermore, they’ll turn up for the interview - as they’ve shown themselves to be genuinely interested in the role.

Dynamic Hire does this and more. The costs are ground-breaking, it’s simple to use and GDPR compliant.

Written for Dynamic Hire

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