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  • Copywriter - James Porter

Time paupers, recruitment delays and non-techy tech

Everyone’s ‘running hot’ these days as businesses demand their pound of flesh, and ambitious employees jockey for position in the promotion sweepstakes.

And although the spectre of Brexit looms, the market is still buoyant. Good jobs are available and strong candidates are out there looking, even though they can be hard to find.

Landing a new job isn’t easy when you’re busy at work. All those hushed calls - as people seek privacy and move away from their desks, into corridors and stairwells.

Suspicious looks from the boss as you have another doctor’s appointment or a half-day holiday for an improbable reason.

Organisations hate losing good people but remain unconcerned about hiring talent from elsewhere. It’s a dog eat dog world - an employment merry go round.

Recently candidate gripes have been getting a lot of airplay. The most common being the time it all takes, those irritatingly laborious online applications and being treated like a number with no chance to show any individuality (a Duke of Edinburgh award on the CV … whoopee).

We’ve just blitzed those issues like a hot knife through butter.

Inviting promising candidates to take a short ONE-WAY video interview is very easy. It can be automated and interview questions can be tailored to every vacancy … in seconds.

Candidates record the video interview on their smartphone or laptop, a bit like a selfie.

Recruiters then invite the best ones to a face to face interview. You’ll never waste time on a ‘dud’ candidate again.

Candidates appreciate it too. They have the chance to show you what they’re really like, and what they'll bring to the organisation, over and above the hackneyed content on their CV.

And the age-old risk of candidates not living up to their promise is completely removed.

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